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Clients Ready For Work

Thursday, September 26, 2013
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We have clients ready for work right now. Not only are they ready, but they are eager and motivated.

We have clients who have undergone some intensive employment training who we know have the attitude and enthusiasm to bring to the workplace. You can see some of them here.

We have Part time and Full time people skilled in hospitality, customer service, food and beverage, tourism and travel, facilitation, child care, support workers, labourers and more.

You may not need to advertise at all! We have people ready for work right now. There is absolutely no charge at all for our service. We are fully funded.

We encourage unpaid work experience for a short amount of time in order for you to try before you buy and for our clients to be able to prove themselves to you.

We provide on the job mentoring and support. One of our team will visit the work place regularly to ensure that both the client and the employer have all the support they need. If there are any issues whatsoever with the placement we will be there to sort it out. If there are any training needs, we encourage you to let us know how we may be able to assist with this.

We have hand picked all of our clients and will only present you with ones we feel would compliment your role. We only take on superstars who just need a bit of extra help getting in to the work force.

All of our clients have employability skills that others may not. All of our clients fully participate in the Wera Employment Skills or Employment Placement program where they learn:

  • Strong Work Ethics
  • Time Management
  • Great attitude
  • What are employers looking for
  • Public Speaking and Communication skills
  • Career Planning
  • Motivation

I am very confident that the people we place with you will be reliable and hard working with the attitude that you are looking for in an employee.
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to phone and talk with us.

Your local work brokers and work place support providers are:

Martina Wineera
027 655 4473

Steve Holmes
021 432 815

Wera Aotearoa Charitable Trust
First Floor, 248 Fenton Street
PO Box 456
Rotorua 3045
0800 GO WERA (0800 46 93 72)

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