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Client Feedback

Here is just some of the feedback we have received:

Some feedback from various whanau who participated in our WERA Whanau Ora workshops included:

….“this is so neat, I would just be sitting at home doing nothing if I weren’t here”...

....“I cant believe I created these things, I have never considered myself to be artistic...

....“I am really grateful to be here”...

....“I want this to carry on and on and on….”

...."my whanau will be so surprised when they see what I have been doing here – I cant wait to show them”...

....“I’ve got the perfect place to hang this (photo framing), it’s going to look so cool and…..I made it..."

...."OMG, I’ve lived here all of my life, grew up around here and I never knew this place was here!”...

....“Having a Whanau Ora Plan has made our whanau life a bit more structured…No-one has given recognition to me before, thank you, I didn’t realise that I was getting all of this stuff, I feel embarrassed … I have loved every bit of my involvement with WERA”...

SPCA Rotorua

Lisa Reedy

Customer Relations Supervisor of the Rotorua SPCA

This letter is in reference to the relationship between Wera Aotearoa Charitable Trust and the Rotorua SPCA.

"We started out with Wera, with Nick O’Sullivan walking in to the SPCA and talking with us about work experience for the clients of Wera, to benefit them in their search for employment, and to help us, as we are a charity ourselves, with volunteering with the animals.

We found Nick hard working, very easy to talk to, he is friendly, professional and realistic. Since our initial introduction out relationship with Wera and Nick has only grown stronger, he is a natural born leader, has a great relationship with his clients and is always reliable and trustworthy with a bubbly, positive personality.

Nick has made the introduction of Wera Aotearoa Charitable Trust to the Rotorua SPCA easy with both organisations benefiting from his time and effort.

The clients that have come from Wera have been polite, funny and very hard working towards our cause. Last year, a group of young people spent the whole week in City Focus for hours every day, raising money for the animals, for our appeal week. Comments from members of the public, and other SPCA were very positive on their demeanour and how they represented us so well.

They also raised the biggest amount yet from a collection week! Nick also has groups come in and help out when a big project is underway, which is a great way to get a lot of work done quickly!

We will continue our relationship with Wera, and Nick for as long as we both can, as everyone benefits from this great partnership, which is wonderful for two charitable organisations in the community."

new zealand sports academy reverse

Raymond Morrison

Former Manager of the New Zealand Sports Academy

"The service provided was very beneficial. It has made our boys focus on their future pathways and possibilities. For some it has also provided an avenue for them to face up to some of their personal issues and has given them confidence knowing they have the support to dealing with them.

We have received 100% positive feedback from the boys, they found the facilitators easy to deal with and the career assessment process very interesting and enjoyable.

We would definitely use this service again. The time and resources spent in my opinion has already paid for themselves in terms of having a real impact in the course of these boys’ lives.

We also found the service to be very professional and the information given quite informative.

In terms of feedback from the boys, the delivery seems to have been very effective as the net result was that they were all 100% supportive and very much enjoyed the process.

A very effective and worthwhile process, carried out to a professional level. I would recommend this to any organisation / programme that involves our rangatahi as it gets down to the individual and whanau levels to good effect.

I have found it to be most effective in not only dealing with the unknown journeys facing these boys but it also provides at least some type of support structure enabling them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

E te rangatira, nga mihi nui e hoa! Tino pai rawa!!!"

Andy Munro

General Manager of Aa Rotorua Glass Cleaners Ltd

I am writing to endorse the work that Wera Aotearoa Charitable Trust has done in connecting our company with a valuable new staff member.

Our company took on a Wera client for a work experience and was so impressed with the quality of referral that we offered the client a role within the business following the work experience period.

Over the following few weeks after we employed this client, we received contact from the work broker on a regular basis which was great support. I found the communication between the work broker and myself over the entire process excellent.

Having had this positive experience with Wera I have already recommended this service to other business owners as a viable way to recruit new staff.

wendys logo 400x400

Terry Grieve

Store Manager for Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

I currently work with Nick O’Sullivan who is my current Work Broker.

With his help, we have placed 6 people in to work here at the store.

Nick has a good understanding of what I am looking for and works hard to find the right people.

I have no hesitation in continuing to use his services.


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